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Does it seem as though your life is crumbling around you because of your addiction? Have you tried to put an end to substance abuse only to find that you are not able to do it on your own? Are you experiencing relationship problems because someone you care about is coping with an addiction? If any of this sounds familiar, it’s important to know that there is help available at our drug rehab centers in Hoover, Alabama. We specialize in providing personalized treatment plans. It does not matter whether this is your first time in an addiction treatment center or whether you have tried multiple times in the past and are still struggling with addiction. We can help.


At our substance abuse treatment facility in Hoover, Alabama, we focus on helping clients just like you overcome addiction by treating you in a holistic manner. We understand the importance of overcoming addiction, but we also believe it is important to provide a range of treatment options. One of the ways we do this is through dual diagnosis. Many clients who enter our Hoover drug rehab facility are struggling with other issues. It’s quite common for individuals struggling with addiction to also have problems with anxiety or depression, or something else. If these issues are not addressed, it’s likely you will continue to have challenges in those areas, which could make it more difficult to stay sober. Our goal is to treat not just your addiction, but to treat you as a whole person.


The first step at our addiction recovery center in Hoover is intake. This process is aimed at gathering as much information about your situation as possible. The more we are able to learn about your addiction history and any other problems you may be having, the better prepared we will be to provide you with comprehensive treatment. During this evaluation, it’s important that you be completely honest with us. We also need you to tell us about the length of your addiction. This information is helpful, as it will assist us in creating your treatment plan as well as determining whether you may be in need of detoxification services.


At our addiction recovery facility in Hoover, clients in need of detox services will receive the treatment they need at our supervised drug detox clinic. You will receive continually supervised care. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.


After you have completed detox, you will then proceed through a variety of other treatment services at our addiction treatment center in Hoover. These treatments include both behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. We also encourage our clients to open up about their experiences as part of group therapy. Even if you feel uncomfortable about sharing at first, our welcoming environment may help you to feel more at ease about talking about your experiences with others.


While you are attending our addiction recovery program, you will also receive education about the addiction cycle. It is imperative that you understand how addiction forms, including the changes that take place in the body as a result of substance abuse. Once you understand this process, you will be better prepared to maintain your addiction recovery after leaving treatment as well as resist possible triggers that might lead to relapse. We also provide nutritional information and tips to help you manage stressful situations. Many of clients will also be able to benefit from family counseling services. This can be particularly important if you have become estranged from your family due to the effects of your addiction.


Once you are ready to leave our addiction treatment facility in Hoover, our aftercare services can help you even after you return home. Among the aftercare services we offer is the availability of halfway homes and other transitional housing services, such as sober living centers. These types of arrangements can be a good choice for clients who may feel as though they need additional support when they leave treatment. We also make continued group and individual counseling services available to clients. Call our addiction recovery clinic in Hoover today to get started. You won’t regret it.